Considering an idea or looking for a custom equipment-based solution?

Needing to upgrade existing equipment for capacity, reliability, or safety?

Investigating why your machinery is not performing properly?

SEMAC can provide a variety of project types including:

New Equipment & Existing Equipment Upgrades

Build-to-Print & Spare Parts

Feasibility & Engineering Studies

Break Down, Inspect & Repair


During a project, SEMAC engineers are involved throughout the entire process from kickoff to design to purchasing through final inspection and delivery.

We regularly meet with our customers to review designs and ensure adherence to their standards, specifications and requirements – while offering unique solutions they may not have thought about.

SEMAC’s expertise in material/component procurement and manufacturing management will steer the project from beginning to end with accuracy and efficiency. Our wide network of suppliers and fab/machine shops enables us to source components, materials, fabrication & machining, painting, and assembly services both efficiently and competitively.

Before shipment, all mechanical and fabricated components are shop assembled and tested to ensure proper fit-up and full ranges of motion of each function. Any mechanical or electrical systems are also shop tested and powered-up before delivery.

Once the equipment is on site, SEMAC engineers are available to provide field installation supervision, start-up commissioning or training.

Let SEMAC be your 1st choice for the next project.